domingo, 28 de agosto de 2011

The Thermal Vents

"These lad might very well be where life started in some planes. Imagine, deep in the seas these spew water way beyond the boiling point, rich in minerals. Small bacteria thrive here, feeding on the heat and minerals. Strange animals feed on the bacteria, or harbor them in their tissues for noursihment. Other larger animals feed on these, and so a complete ecosystem that does not see ever, or need the warmth or light of the sun forms...amazing, aye?"

 Sharian "The Old" to Elicio Ember
 The Apprentice's Journal- Tales of Mannanán

    The Set includes 5 different variations of Thermal Vents:
    -Mushroom (2 prims)
    -Long Chimney (2 prims)
    -Stuby Chimney (2 prims)
    -3 Cluster (5 prims)
    -5 cluster (8 prims)
 For each Type there are 5 texture variations- Brimstone, Greenstone, Limestone, Basalt and Rust
 For each of these there are 4 sizes.- stretchable, 20 mts tall, 30 mts tall and 40 mts tall.
   Also included are 5 matching texture for landscaping.

 The deep sea thermal vents are one of the wonders of the world. What Sharian says is true. The life in the extreme depths is strange and alien. Little understood. Mostly unknown. In fact, there are hypothesis that state that icy planets with liquid water might harbor life in vents similar to these. There is one theory that states that life might have started in the Earth in such a way, in the depths of the primordial seas...but only Gaia knows the answer to that.

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