About Elicio Ember

 Elicio Ember is Cerridwen's Cauldron owner and designer. Deeply interested in arts, nature, philosophy, mythology, science and magick. As a consequence of this ample interests he has a tendency to shapeshift. "Mayhap the wearing of different forms might teach of how other beings see the world" he explained once to a friend. After frequent questions and specimen collection travels with Sharian "The Old", Elicio is undergoing an apprenticeship under the old Sage. E.Ember confessed to an undisclosed source that he is afraid that either he or Sharian will end up blowing the sage's tower before the said apprenticeship gets even halfway done.

In Real Life: Elicio Ember is a non-practicing scientist, and a practicing painter and illustrator. 

- There is much more going on the metaverse that appears evident to the casual eye. And we have the exciting task of being its pioneers. The virtual voyage is just getting started.

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