domingo, 28 de agosto de 2011

The Shift Thistle

"...We both stared in amazment at the trully strange looking plant. It grew from both ceilings of the old building and from the mushy, moss covered ground. The Old wizard scratched his chin as we looked at the color shifting flower. Strange bulbs twirled within the stalk.  -This looks trully alien lad, mayhap its from another plane or planet, here, start digging, we are taking a sample back home".

 Sharian "The Old" to Elicio Ember, regarding Shift Thistles
 The Apprentice's Journal-  PlaneWalking


 All Plants come in 8 color Variations: Light Green, Dark Green, Blue, Purple, Acqua, Orange, Black and White.

  Shift Thistle- Straight (14 prims, copy/mod)
  Shift Thistle- Wavy (14 prims, copy/mod)
  Shift Thistle- Spiral (12 prims, copy/mod)
  Shift Thistle- One Bud (8 prims, copy/mod)

 Pop-up menu driven, you can control particle effects, reset the spinning buds and delete the scripts.

These are completly alien, heh.
There is nothing like these on Earth. Though plants can indeed change their pigmentation depending on the light conditions (clorophile is not the only photosinthetyic pigment available to them, and other pigments have other colors depending on the light color they capture), no earthen plant can change its colors that fast.

I wonder from what alien planet these came from.
We can imagine that in a low-light world plants could indeed develop luminesence or strong aroma (although both are indeed used by Earthen plants) to direct insects. Mayhap they would have chromatophors, animal cells present in chameleons, fish and cephalopods (squids and octopi). These speciallized cells would allow them to change their color fast, perhaps in response to external stimuli, to hide or attract specific polinizers...or prey. ;)

The Thermal Vents

"These lad might very well be where life started in some planes. Imagine, deep in the seas these spew water way beyond the boiling point, rich in minerals. Small bacteria thrive here, feeding on the heat and minerals. Strange animals feed on the bacteria, or harbor them in their tissues for noursihment. Other larger animals feed on these, and so a complete ecosystem that does not see ever, or need the warmth or light of the sun forms...amazing, aye?"

 Sharian "The Old" to Elicio Ember
 The Apprentice's Journal- Tales of Mannanán

    The Set includes 5 different variations of Thermal Vents:
    -Mushroom (2 prims)
    -Long Chimney (2 prims)
    -Stuby Chimney (2 prims)
    -3 Cluster (5 prims)
    -5 cluster (8 prims)
 For each Type there are 5 texture variations- Brimstone, Greenstone, Limestone, Basalt and Rust
 For each of these there are 4 sizes.- stretchable, 20 mts tall, 30 mts tall and 40 mts tall.
   Also included are 5 matching texture for landscaping.

 The deep sea thermal vents are one of the wonders of the world. What Sharian says is true. The life in the extreme depths is strange and alien. Little understood. Mostly unknown. In fact, there are hypothesis that state that icy planets with liquid water might harbor life in vents similar to these. There is one theory that states that life might have started in the Earth in such a way, in the depths of the primordial seas...but only Gaia knows the answer to that.

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viernes, 12 de agosto de 2011

Cerridwen's Cauldron New SIM OPEN!

"We had been flying upward, using one of Sharian's spells, through clouds and cold wind for what seemed close to an hour. I kept glancing at the old sage, but he just kept staring intently upward. Finally, through a shroud of clouds I saw a glimmer of blue light. A huge structure, all glowing crystals and spiraling stone slowly emerged from the clouds. It shone mystically in the dawning light, as if somehow it had grown there, in the clouds. More than the other temples I had visited with the wizard, a palbable air of ancient mystery hang over it. I gasped in pure amazment, and at last the old wizard talked. He smilied as we settled on the ancient, moss covered stone -Welcome to the Elemental Templ of Spirit lad, welcome to the Lost Halls..."

 Quest for the Spirit Realms
  The Aprentice's Journal

At last, after so many months of work, Cerridwen's Cauldron is moving. The Floating Isles at Griffin will stay up as a place to re-direct people to the new sim only.

During Friday 12th Aug and Saturday 13th there will be a opening sale at the new Lost Halls gallery, all items disscounted, and many new items in the freebies, group freebies and disscount oldies sections. Also dont forget to get your Order of Elemental Spirit cloak and mask from the cloak stand next to the Book of Joining near the arrival point.

There is also much to see at ground level, so, once you are done at the Lost Halls go back to the landing point and touch the tp pad tand sit on the rezzed spehere to visit one of the many new locations.

  Virtual Reality will greatly expand humanity’s possibilities on the near future, if we manage to not destroy ourselves (and most life forms that coexist with us) and this incredible world brain that is starting to bloom.  Second Life is just one of the venues, one of the expanding possibilities of “other-worldness”. Not the simple one where you only have the option of experiencing the world created by others. But one where, with purpose, patience and hard work, you can transform into almost anything, if so you wish. The possibilities that the virtual realm offer to the creative mind are endless.  The possibility for more people to experience other visions, other worlds, other realities increases exponentially. And will continue doing so. If not in SL, elsewhere. But even so, the new realm and possibilities the Net offers seem endless. Never in human history has so much information, knowledge; so much connectedness has steeped the world. Never before have we realized how true it is that we create our own world. And with a certain dread we now realize how big and extensive is our effect on the world we inhabit.

And thus, the big question arises:

“What world we decide to create?”

It’s very likely that in very few occasions since humanity’s appearance in Earth’s history has this question been so critical, so important.  Make no error, we are facing already a world mass extinction.  It has happened many times before. It’s cyclic.  We exist because of the last one. But this time it’s our fault. We have made life miserable or impossible in this planet, that is not our own but we treat as such, for so many living creatures, not the least of them is us.  Maybe we were not conscious of the incredible reaches of our creative powers. Maybe we were not mature enough as a species to take responsibility of stuardship. Maybe we were kept in the dark purposefully by some. But all of that is not important anymore. Becasue there is no more time.

Because we must awaken:

“What world we decide to create?”
If you are so enclined I will greatly appreciate your donations, patronage, or support of YOUR favorite non-profit. Donate to artists, to nature conservation and rescue non-profits, to humanitary causes. Turn of a light, help a stranger. Forego for one time that cheeseburger.  Save that one plastic bag.

 We can create a beautifull world.  One tree, one decision, one heart at a time.

My sincere and deep thanks to everyone's support and patronage for finaly being able to achieve this, and continue bringing you all what my muse inspires me.