About Sharian "The Old"

-Sharian "The Old" is an elderly (though how old its anybodies guess) human sorcererer. Grouchy and solitaire, he gets easily annoyed by unscheduled visits (like the ones Elicio constantly drops on him), but has a sincere appreciation for curiosity and the quest for knowledge.

He specializes on arcane mythology, arcane botany and ritualistic art, though this is only speculation gathered from iddle gossip. When asked about this he only snickered and took out his wooden pipe.

His favorite endeavor is well known to be world travelling and plane-walking, and he has of late been unable to shrug off Elicio Ember on many of these travels, leading to an unofficial apprenticeship of the later. As a consequence Sharian has reluctantly allowed Elicio to use his tower and library to document and expand research on their travels and (mis)adventures.

Rumor has it Sharian actually bleaches his hair white, his "natural" hair color being a bright blue since his early teens as a result from an encounter-gone-sour with an angry Sprite-Lord. We sincerely discourage the reader from mentioning this in front of him though.