jueves, 28 de abril de 2011

Coming Soon: The Swamp Eldar Set

 "..Of all the exotic life I had witnessed on my travels few were more impressive, up to now, than the fully grown Swamp Eldar. The young specimens, even when towering 30 mts into the air, seemed tinny under its spread. Even the "bearded elder" gum trees could fit nicely under its canopy. A small sized house could easily fit into one of its bracket fungi.  In a groove of these towering giants we had met the Skeechen shaman and had many long talks with the little goblins' albino warlock, and learned some of the creature’s mysteries. There was something we had missed though. Something they were not telling. Something important the old grouch said later under a mumbled grumble. Of course, we had to be courteous about our visit, and so we returned to Sharian's  floating tower without whatever information the old sage was looking for. So I made my backpack and oiled about everything we were going to take into the swamp again. (one of my new "privileges" as a "formal apprentice", Sharian said with a snicker). I should be excited about the prospect of returning to the strange swamp. I had a dull foreboding though...there was something the old sage was not telling me, something we would find inside the ancient trees he said..."

- Chapter I-  The Forest Voice
The Crux Saga

 Greetings everyone! I hope to have the Swamp Eldar Tree ready in a few days, latest sometime next week. Many people have been asking about when these will be released. Thanks to everyone’s interest. The set will include as of now (likely to change as I work more on it) 4 copy/mod trees, 3 "sensible" size versions and the true Eldar tree with a trunk of around 30 mts diameter and a canopy shadow of around 90 mts, with, oh I don’t know...80 mts tall? These are the giant trees used for the center piece of Exotic Worlds Fantasy Faire 2011, which I had the pleasure of landscaping (pics about the wonderful SIMs on CC gallery, widget to the right). Have fun and bright paths!

lunes, 25 de abril de 2011

Regarding the Fungi Skeech

  "It had been an arduous and wondrous trip into the Skeechen Swamp. I had previously met the Skeech, but not this particular tribe, with its rich culture and gaudy colors. The trip into the swamp had been incredibly fruitful, both Sharian and I met wondrous beings and delved deep into the Fungi Skeechen culture. It was not easy of course, the swamps are filled with dangerous creatures, both those whose entirely natural behavior is dangerous to us (that means, we can be their food), and those who consciously and willingly will prey on other sentients. The first you understand their ways to avoid. The second must be confronted. But alas... about the Skeech:

     We discovered there are at least 6 color variations, though Sharian mentioned that he sees no reason for there not to be more. I noticed many combinations of frills and antlers, usually in contrasting tones to the skin, though there seems to be no hard rule here either. The many body adornments the Skeech have seem to be akin to human fingerprints, that is, unique to each individual. They have a glowing forehead "glow-gem" that can change color and emit light. This seems to be some kind of species-only communication means, though the Skeech never spoke clearly of it.

 Skeechen culture is horizontal. They have no clear leader or ruling class, and have a somewhat chaotic (to non skeechen eyes anyway) structure based on skills and current social needs. If the need arises for a leader (in war, migrations, alliances and other mayor events that involve the whole tribe), a council of elders is established and they choose a temporal leader from anywhere on the tribe depending on the skills required by the situation.

 The Skeech are goblinoid physical elemental fae, (that is, they reside more on this side of the veil than on the other), they are magical beings with a strong connection to the living side of the Earth element; living soil you could say. As all fae their motives and behavior can be seen as fickle and even dangerous by non-fae sentients...."
   -The Fungi Skeech 
    The Apprentice's Journal

Greetings everyone! Of course, the first post had to be about the recently released Skeech. I was a D&D master for many years, and have always loved telling stories, in fact, for every project or painting I make, there is a story behind.  I do them for me, to give solidity and body to the project while I am working on it, but seldom tell them. So, if you like them, besides the small snippets I always make as an introduction for each, I will expand on them here. It’s a fun way of introducing new builds. If you like to know about any aspect of the tale behind anything let me know. If  you want the hard facts you can always go to the marketplace description, right? 

This is my first blog (oh the shame, I know) so, please, if you have any suggestions to make feel free to do so.
I hope you enjoy these posts, and the story we will all write.

domingo, 24 de abril de 2011

"Neither of us had a fun time recognizing it, but, aye, after all this time,  I suppose I was one: A sage and sorcerer apprentice to the old grouch. As if I were not getting enough lectures on the nature of rotten glowfruit sap or the prickle hairs of what-not-weed..."
An Apprentice's Journal
Elicio Ember

 Welcome to Cerridwen's Cauldron Blog!
Still Under construction of course, but I hope it will be fun and usefull for all of you who support and/or have an interest in Cerridwen's Cauldron. I know its already being fun for me.

The blog will follow the format of notes and fragments of my journal notes and other texts as I follow  Sharian's, "The Old" on his explorations and adventures.

Here, as well as in Second Life in-world Cerridwen's Brew group, you will be able to find news on the latest proyects, builds, plants and everything related to Cerridwen's Cauldron Virtual Art Gallery.

 Thank you for your support through all this time, and for the exciting journey ahead.