jueves, 28 de abril de 2011

Coming Soon: The Swamp Eldar Set

 "..Of all the exotic life I had witnessed on my travels few were more impressive, up to now, than the fully grown Swamp Eldar. The young specimens, even when towering 30 mts into the air, seemed tinny under its spread. Even the "bearded elder" gum trees could fit nicely under its canopy. A small sized house could easily fit into one of its bracket fungi.  In a groove of these towering giants we had met the Skeechen shaman and had many long talks with the little goblins' albino warlock, and learned some of the creature’s mysteries. There was something we had missed though. Something they were not telling. Something important the old grouch said later under a mumbled grumble. Of course, we had to be courteous about our visit, and so we returned to Sharian's  floating tower without whatever information the old sage was looking for. So I made my backpack and oiled about everything we were going to take into the swamp again. (one of my new "privileges" as a "formal apprentice", Sharian said with a snicker). I should be excited about the prospect of returning to the strange swamp. I had a dull foreboding though...there was something the old sage was not telling me, something we would find inside the ancient trees he said..."

- Chapter I-  The Forest Voice
The Crux Saga

 Greetings everyone! I hope to have the Swamp Eldar Tree ready in a few days, latest sometime next week. Many people have been asking about when these will be released. Thanks to everyone’s interest. The set will include as of now (likely to change as I work more on it) 4 copy/mod trees, 3 "sensible" size versions and the true Eldar tree with a trunk of around 30 mts diameter and a canopy shadow of around 90 mts, with, oh I don’t know...80 mts tall? These are the giant trees used for the center piece of Exotic Worlds Fantasy Faire 2011, which I had the pleasure of landscaping (pics about the wonderful SIMs on CC gallery, widget to the right). Have fun and bright paths!

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