domingo, 28 de agosto de 2011

The Shift Thistle

"...We both stared in amazment at the trully strange looking plant. It grew from both ceilings of the old building and from the mushy, moss covered ground. The Old wizard scratched his chin as we looked at the color shifting flower. Strange bulbs twirled within the stalk.  -This looks trully alien lad, mayhap its from another plane or planet, here, start digging, we are taking a sample back home".

 Sharian "The Old" to Elicio Ember, regarding Shift Thistles
 The Apprentice's Journal-  PlaneWalking


 All Plants come in 8 color Variations: Light Green, Dark Green, Blue, Purple, Acqua, Orange, Black and White.

  Shift Thistle- Straight (14 prims, copy/mod)
  Shift Thistle- Wavy (14 prims, copy/mod)
  Shift Thistle- Spiral (12 prims, copy/mod)
  Shift Thistle- One Bud (8 prims, copy/mod)

 Pop-up menu driven, you can control particle effects, reset the spinning buds and delete the scripts.

These are completly alien, heh.
There is nothing like these on Earth. Though plants can indeed change their pigmentation depending on the light conditions (clorophile is not the only photosinthetyic pigment available to them, and other pigments have other colors depending on the light color they capture), no earthen plant can change its colors that fast.

I wonder from what alien planet these came from.
We can imagine that in a low-light world plants could indeed develop luminesence or strong aroma (although both are indeed used by Earthen plants) to direct insects. Mayhap they would have chromatophors, animal cells present in chameleons, fish and cephalopods (squids and octopi). These speciallized cells would allow them to change their color fast, perhaps in response to external stimuli, to hide or attract specific polinizers...or prey. ;)

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