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New Release! The Swamp Eldar Tree Set

"The Swamp Eldar is one of the true titans of the the forests. The origin of their name is lost in legend: The Eldar are one of the Elven People, literally the Star People. Legend has it that when the Eldar were travelling, heeding the Summons to the Ever Lands by the Valar after the Sundering, they crossed a forest swamp that extended as far as the sharp elven eyes could see. These giant trees reminded The People of their ancient forest cities, and sheltered them during storm and sun during their travel through the jungle. Thus their name..."

-Botanicum Arcana
Sharian "The Old"

Greetings Everyone!
At last, I finished the Eldar Tree Set, the huge trees I made for the Fantasy Faire 2011, Eoxtic Worlds sim. I expanded the set with more...sensible tree variations and a couple of cool extras. I hope you will enjoy it, these are the contents:
Take advantage of the 24 hours release sale at the main gallery!

All Contents are Copy/Mod *
*(But the Bonus Tree-Creack Sound Engine Script, that is Copy Only)   

 Swamp Eldar Tree Pigmy- 43 prims
 Swamp Eldar Tree Pigmy, no epiphytes (withouth bracket fungi and vines)- 29 prims
 Swamp Eldar Tree young- 46 prims
 Swamp Eldar Tree young, no epiphytes-28
 Swamp Eldar Tree young adult- 61 prims
 Swamp Eldar Tree young, no epiphytes- 41
 Swamp Eldar Tree (Solid)*- 132 prims
        *There is a surprise on this one, but if I tell it would be no surprise, right?
 Swamp Eldar Tree (phantom)**- 119 prims
    ** Withouth solid base, but with giant bracket fungi and vines.
  Swamp Eldar Tree, no epiphyites-96 prims

  Bracket Fungi-(1 prim) Sculpted and custom skinned bracket fungi, copy mod, so you can decorate your, well...anything.

  BONUS: Bracket Fungi Tree-Creak Sound Engine. This neat little script will add some creacking sounds to your woods, add a couple near the greatest concentration of trees. Use the bracket fungi or just add the script to any prim. This will work great great to enrich the sound atmosphere with other enviromental sound engines.

Note: Yes, I know The Eldar tree is slightly more primy than my usual plants, although it can be very much adapted to your specific needs. I sacrificed on this one prim number for over-all effect. And I am personally well pleased with the results, I hope you are too.

Some interesting facts: The Eldar Trees are based on two very specific characteristics of real life trees,  the jungle soil is shallow and weak, very rich in the frist inches, and under constant barrage of rain (thus its vulnerability to erosion when deprived of vegetation). The jungel trees have evolved very specific shapes to take advantge of this; huge shallow root systems to give support and take advantage of the soil, and pylon, tower like trunk bases to support the gigant tree trunks. The Eldar trees might seem tall to you, but there are jungle giants easily as tall as these in our endangered tropical jungles.


    The other reference is the mythical Baobab. The Baobabs, trees native to Madagascar (6 of the 8 known species) and Africa are adapted to the savage dry season the regions it inhabit usually has. Its broad trunks store massive quantities of water, and its fruit is important to many animals and human cultures. In fact, the Baobab is often sacred or featured in myths and legends of the human communities that develop near it.

*These last two photographs I found on the web, I dont know their authors and take no credit for them, and use them just for divulgation purposes

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